In 1976, John Petelinsek set out to improve upon the traditional waterbrake dynamometer. The result was an affordable, durable dynamometer with increased absorption characteristics through a simpler, deeper pocket design.

Power Test, Inc. was founded, and John spent the next 25 years focused on building his company and providing the diesel engine market with a durable, reliable product and the best customer service in the dyno manufacturer industry.

Power Test has continued to build upon this solid foundation and has grown our product line through the design, manufacture, and development of a variety of engine and chassis dynamometers, engine and vehicle controls, and the latest technology in data acquisition systems.

In 2003, Power Test acquired Stuska Dynamometers and in 2006 it purchased the transmission and hydraulic testing equipment division of Aidco International. Power Test is now your one-source dynamometer provider for testing your principle power train components and vehicles.

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